Collection: Tips

Used in conjunction with our Roof Tube Classic to deliver the right amount of material every time.  We have worked hard to incorporate different types of tips for every type of product, from runny primers all the way to thick roof cement.
12 products
  • 0.25" Fastener Grade Tip
  • 0.47" Fastener Grade Tip
  • .625" Fastener Grade Tip
  • 1.0" I.D. Seam Sealing Tip
  • 1.5" I.D. Seam Sealing Tip
  • Large Mouth Seam Sealing TIP 1.9" I.D.
  • Trident Tip
  • Fastener Grade Tip collection
  • Seam Grade tip collection
  • Pump Grade Flex Tip
  • Essential Tips Pack
  • Special Shut-OFF Tip