How To Videos

ALERT: New Video Trident Tip 

Vertical Seam Technique:  Roller Ball 60' in 60 Seconds 

Roof Tube Techniques: 

Horizontal Seam Technique 

Vertical Seam Technique: (FAST!!)


Single Ply Seam Sealing (Largemouth) 

How to Seal Screws with the Roof Tube 


Roof Tube Rescue


Sealing Screws 101 with Jake:   


"NEW!!" Roller Ball method for Metal Roofs -  Easiest method BY FAR

Roof Tube Seam Sealing Technique "Extrusion": 


 Flat roof seam sealing technique 

Metal Roof Seam Sealing Technique #2 - Sour cream method! 

Using a chip brush on a staff handle for sealing seams