Tips Sizing Guide

Roof Tube Tip Sizing Cheat Sheet 


.25” Fastener Grade Tip - 

  • Installing normal sprayable top coat elastomerics on Fasteners 
  • Installing rust primer over rusty fastener heads. 
  • Some Fastener Grade Mastics work well with this tip
  • Use if the .47 tip feels to mess
  • Take this tip out to draw your material into the tube then re-insert


.47” and .625” Fastener Grade Tips - 

  • These tips are often interchangeable throughout the day.  
  • On roller mornings where the mastics are a little stiffer the .625 will work great… AS the day heats up the .47 might offer a tighter pattern around screw heads and help to eliminate stringers in between fasteners. 
  • If the .625 Feels messy, With the .47
  • If the .47 feels slow, or you are having to push too hard Switch to the .625
  • Do not try and draw the material through these tips…unscrew them from the bottom, then re-insert them after filing the tube. 


1.0 Seam Sealer Tip .

  • Very versatile tip.  Often used on solvent based trowel grade mastic on fasteners. 
  • Can be used for both Fasteners and Seams depending on the viscosity of the products. 
  • IF the .625 tip feels too hard to push the material through switch to the 1.0” 
  • You may have success drawing some thinner trowel grade mastics through this tip. 
  • Works great running vertical seams with Acrylic seam grades
  • If Drawing Trowell grade material up into the roof tube  through this tip is too stiff move up to the 1.5” or 1.9” Large Mouth Tip 


1.5” seam grade tip 

  • Not recommended for fasteners 
  • Mostly used for trowel grade mastic repair work on seams
  • This tip can be absolutely perfect for R-Panel vertical ribs.  Or sliding material underneath the panel bent of a standing seam rib 
  • Allow some time to experiment with the best effective techniques for getting the trowell or seam grade mastics to the right spot on the ribs.  
  • Great for repair work on metal or flat roof 
  • If you are struggling drawing the material up into the tube through this tip move the the large mouth sealer tip, and / or take the tip off the bottom of the tube totally or try our Econo Tube 


1.9”  Large Mouth Seam Sealing Tip  

  • Not recommending for fasteners 
  • Recommended for working with heavy grade trowel grade mastics. 
  • You will be Able to draw through this tip up into the tube. 
  • Designed for running seams on Flat roofs 
  • Can extruded. Perfect 2” strip of trowel grade mastics with out having to bend over.  
  • There is a little bit of a learning curve learning the technique of applying with the proper millages, but when mastered this tip is really faster at sealing seams on a single ply restoration